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Witch & Holder of the Dark and Deep. Truth • Alchemy • Awakening. I remind people who they are if they are willing.
Sovereignty by Carlos Antonio Rancaño

My energetic system is the most clean and emotionally sober it’s ever been and that means that I’m unable to be in situations and dynamics that used to feel comfortable due to codependence and martyrdom.

My tolerance is low and my system is a straight-up NO to that.

Kind of like when you’ve been eating super clean and then you decide to eat something processed and your body is looking at you like, “What you talking about Willis?!”

If I feel someone emotionally or energetically pulling on me or projecting their stories onto me, I need to clear it immediately.

I was summoned

And born this way

Intense and deeply connected to my desire from day one

Some may consider me a greedy bitch

Others may consider me relentless

Because my appetite for food, life, creation, and truth is strong

Even when my entire life crashed and burned in my early teens

And I went dead and numb on the inside

And out of control and on my way to the grave on the outside

My fire still burned deep

For over two decades I died over and over again

One rock bottom after another

It was dramatic as fuck

My heart mourns

And pumps tears

For our ancestors

As we sink and descend

Into the earth

To uproot weeds

And fertilize

With cries

And shrieks

My heart mourns

And pumps tears

For the tortured

And the torturer

The pain runs deep

Hate blood seeps

From the coldest

And deadest of hearts

To torture requires a tortured soul

Free them beloved Source

My heart mourns

And pumps tears

For the collective

Sobs that burst

And quenches our thirst

For a healing

That shakes and nourishes

The human spirit

A communal soul revival

A reckoning

Heart cracking


Awakening to Love

little me and ma (RIP)
little me and ma (RIP)

I have been seeing posts honoring the humanity of the people that were killed in the mass shooting by listing their names. As I see the names of the 6 Asian women, it brought up how my name is an identifier of where I come from.

As I respond to posts that are speaking up about what happened this week, it brought a heightened awareness that those who see my comments know that I am Asian.

My name has been a big part of my journey and exploration around self love and reclamation.

My internalized racism was strong for a…

Designed by Lucy Catherine

In Chinese Medicine each organ is connected with an emotion. The lungs are connected with grief. And as we know, the lungs are the most affected area of COVID-19. ⁣

We as a human race are being called to grieve and honor the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. ⁣

It’s time to allow yourself to grieve whatever you have been holding on to; your life before this started; and the things that were connected to that life, whether money, job, in person connection; the deaths/losses throughout the globe that you may be feeling in your energetic system; or whatever it is…

Po-Hong Yu

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